Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Power of Your Product Web Sites by Walt Barrett

First of all most of my friends said I would fail. 
When we went on the Internet twenty years ago I was already 62, retired and very bored. I told my wife that I wanted to start another business, but I only wanted to spend a thousand dollars because the Internet was fairly new and businesses come and businesses go, especially in Rhode Island. So we bought the cheapest computer that we could find and off we went. I could only program in a language called "Basic" and was not that good at it either. It was no use to me at all! We found out very quickly that we would need web pages if we were going to ever succeed. We contacted people that made web pages and they were throwing prices at us like numbers out of the phone book. I said that there was no way that I would pay twenty-five hundred dollars or more per page for a web site so I bought a book on writing HTML code for about twelve dollars from one of the name book stores at the time and wrote my own pages. It's a lot easier and a lot more affordable now, and you have to do it. We started putting video ads on our pages back in the nineties long before You Tube. That is another thing that is a "must do." The latest project for our several web sites is that we are currently building all new pages that are mobile and desktop computer compatible. They automatically resize to fit the screen of the device that is trying to read them. It's a mind bending project for us, but again, it's a "must do" project. Our home office is here in Rhode Island and our first of several companies to go mobile on the Internet is BatteryChem.biz . It's almost done. Then we will do USADepotStores.com , Chinadepot.com , and GreenHeronDetergent.com . We have at least 350 videos on You Tube and more on Vimeo. I also write 10 Blogs and keep an index of them on our web site www.WaltBarrett.com 
These are all "must do" projects if you are going to make money on the Internet. 
I find that inventing and building products is the easy part, but in order to sell them you really have to work at. Try to choose unique, but popular products because the competition is murderous out there. Without the Internet we would be out of business. 
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