Thursday, June 14, 2007

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A chance to sort things out by Walt Barrett

I recently had a friend invest $6000.00 in an Internet get rich quick scheme put on by a bunch of hucksters that travel from city to city conning people. He never asked my advice to begin with, or I could have told him that the company was currently under investigation by several State Attorney Generals offices. This is really a sad story because my young friend really could not afford to lose that money on a phony business plan. There is no easy money on the Internet. We all have to work hard for it just like everyone else! I do not work for EBay in any way shape or form, however, if you want to get an Internet business and you are inexperienced, then join EBay and Pay Pal , both are for free, and are the same company now, then learn the rules and start selling. We have a store on EBay and it is very profitable, and they are not paying me to say that. Never answer any emails to either of the two sites if they ask you to use your passwords etc. Just put the letter aside and go to the web site and sign in. All scam letters to do with EBay or Pay Pal can be verified by sending them to or Never send your pass words to anyone!!!
The purpose of this web site is to give people a place to submit legitimate business opportunities that do not charge upfront fees for one thing, and are not MLS (Multi Level Marketing Schemes) for Another. I'm not saying they are dishonest, I just don't care for them.
The idea of hundreds of other people making money for you is very attractive but mostly a pipe dream except for the folks at the top of the pyramid. If a company has a decent product or service for you to sell then they have no need to charge you fees etc. Also, don't be bulldozed into buying a ton of inventory! You have to test the waters first. There are many companies in the world that will be very happy to wholesale products to you without charging you Blue Sky Money. The other thing I would just like to touch on is if you see a business for sale, ask yourself why is it for sale? A thorough investigation is always needed in these cases. I once met a guy that was shown a set of phony books, and taken for a bundle. My advice is investigate, investigate, investigate. I have been contacted by another man who paid $12,000.00 for a dealership performing certain repairs for motor vehicles. Now he is not receiving any customer support, and the worst part of it is he could have started the same business on his own for less than $1000.00. I have had several calls about that same company. Do not be motivated by greed, and excitement into an easy money scheme! You may post your questions and thoughts on this blog. We will solicit comments and advice from other readers as this blog grows. This could save you a fortune. It is a free service from our company. We are not asking you to buy anything. We don't need dealers to sell our products.
Please send this blog site to your friends. You might save them from getting burned like my friend did.