Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Can Make A Fresh Start by Walt Barrett

There are millions of people in the world that could really use a fresh start in life and the question that keeps nagging at my brain is what are they waiting for? I have been selling things and running companies successfully for sixty years. I have seen a great many other people who either succeeded of failed and I have heard a million excuses from people who failed in small business ventures. So you failed, so what, try harder next time. I can't remember how many ideas that I tried and failed at. So what, I failed, that did not ever stop me. I have always told myself to never give up and to never stop trying. That is my motto and it should be yours too. After several disasters I programed it into my brain. I have never been ashamed to admit that I failed, but I would really be ashamed to admit I was a person who never really tried and took the easy way out by making excuses and blaming everyone else for my problems. I hear a lot of that these days. I hear people say “I wish I had bought that franchise, stock, or business five years ago.” “I'd be worth a fortune now.” Well it's never too late for the next big thing now is it?
Instead they sit home all day, watch TV and drink beer. That is what I am seeing. I'll tell you what really frustrates me is the fact that I started a really successful proven business over twenty-five years ago that I am trying to expand and in spite of the fact that we are offering a totally free training program and no investment required we are not growing as quickly as we could be. I am beginning to wonder if people really want to work! Don't get me wrong, we are way in the black financially and we are expanding all over the world, but the lack of a heavier response, especially in the USA is absolutely maddening considering the unemployment rate. We do not require a college education or a great deal of cash investment. We basically need people who can do an average days work, can read instructions, and can learn what to do by watching free training videos on the Internet. We even have a free marketing program. We are offering you the full benefit of all of our business knowledge.
Our business is simple. We add chemicals to batteries that save them from a premature death. We are dead and dying battery recyclers and you don't have to be young Thomas Edison to do this work. You can set your own income with us. For instance if you recondition forklift batteries you can earn up to $5,000.00 a week if you are a worker and follow our free marketing plan. So if you really want to get ahead you should visit my web site www.batterychem.biz and read every scrap of free information and watch every single video as many times as it takes. If you really want to make money, just do it.
If you are out of work anyway, what have you got to lose? We don't want your money, just read our website. We sell battery chemicals, not businesses. Businesses are free. We are a Green Business. The world is full of customers for our services.  We also offer Several other basic business start up kits now including a Green Detergent laundry soap kit business, a budget video steady cam kit, And a fits all sizes window shelf kit for plants or cats. And a Green Dish washing soap powder kit.  We also can offer manufacturing kits and expertise for many other products .  Just contact us at wbarrett1@aol.com