Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Saving A Fortune With Factory Direct Internet by Walt Barrett

   Factory direct Internet marketing is rapidly changing the retail business.  Factory direct enables a savvy manufacturer to lower his prices and sell a much higher volume of product and to make a wider profit margin due to greatly reduced overhead.  A pure Internet marketing system has much lower overhead because it does not require hundreds of store fronts with all of the high mall rental fees and the army of employees with all of the labor problems and payroll and property taxes that goes with them.  Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows what I mean.  
   There are exceptions to every rule and items like clothing a shoes may never really fit into an Internet driven mass marketing scheme.
Return policies have to be stricter too.  Customers should be absolutely certain that they want an item before they make the purchase.  Manufacturers should be sure that the quality of their product is above reproach.  We are developing products specifically tailored for Internet marketing. Products that never break, or have to be returned.  Personally, I was always impressed by the Cross Pen, the Swiss Army knife and the Timex watch because of their quality and lifetime warranties.  We like to sell products with a low shipping cost too.  The amount of time needed to run out to malls combined with the high cost of gasoline will result in the gradual decline of our present system of shopping malls.  It is simply getting too expensive.
To make matters worse, bankrupt cities and towns are taxing property owners to death.  They cannot manage money and their ineptness is being passed on to the consumers.  I would be looking for fewer and smaller shopping malls in the future where they sell only the products that are not practical to sell on the Internet.  I'm putting my money on the Internet.  
   Our company Manufactures two excellent products that we sell factory Direct on the Internet and we never get returns, or complaints. 
 We Sell Battery Chem world wide www.batterychem.biz  and Green Heron Laundry Detergent for Regular and HE machines
http://www.greenherondetergent.com/ . Green Heron Laundry Detergent has no scents, no dyes, and is made from all natural minerals mined in the USA.  People with allergies love it! 
Both of these products are manufactured by us in the USA and no one sells them as low as we do including delivery.  
   Believe me, factory direct marketing on the Internet is coming on fast and will be accelerated even more by high fuel prices, rent, taxes, bad local government and all the other overhead expenses that go with selling through malls and retail outlets.
Walt Barrett