Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two safety strobe lights that can save your life by Walt Barrett

Give the gift of life!

It seems that we are forever hearing about kids or adults getting lost in the wilderness and the problem is that many of these wooded forests are so vast that finding a lost person or persons is like look for a specific grain of sand on a beach. Then there are the folks who go out on the ocean in either pleasure boats or commercial vessels etc. Accidents happen and people are lost at sea. Can you imagine being in a rescue aircraft trying to spot one of these lost souls? It practically takes a miracle, and every year hundreds of people perish because they simply disappear at sea.

Then there are the automobiles that break down on the expressway and pull into the breakdown lane. The next thing you know some driver who is not paying attention drives into your car and Boom! Everyone goes up in a deadly fireball!

There are dozens of scenarios that happen everyday both on the highway, the ocean, and in the wilderness Where this simple little waterproof flashing strobe light could save your life, or that of one of you loved ones.

One of our satisfied customers recently tested fifteen our Emergency strobe lights in a practice Ariel search and says he could see it from the air at twenty miles. Now we only advertised it a three miles so we were beside ourselves to receive his letter which is posted on our web site. This inexpensive unit can pin to your clothing or life jacket. it will easily go into a pocket. It is just large enough to fit one "D" cell flashlight battery and will flash for hours.

This is a product you can make money with. Please see our web page for details to purchase single units or case lots from our warehouse in Rhode Island, USA.

This is a business you can get into for low dollars. We also have the window smashing life hammer tools with the flashing strobe, flash light and the seat belt cutter to save your life if you are ever trapped in a sinking or burning automobile. Buy a case now and get started making money. One of our close friends to this tool t work and sold sixty in one week to his fellow employees just by showing it! We can wholesale to you in small quantities to help you get started..

Happy Sales!