Sunday, March 9, 2008

Beware of the get rich quick guys by Walt Barrett

Just one more warning that could save you some hard earned money. Late night Cable is riddled with get rich quick, and easy money schemes with your new Internet business. Some actress comes on and says "I made $200,000.00 last year with my money making robot web site!" Yeah lady, and I just fell of a turnip truck. All you have to do is look up these companies on the scam warning sites and you will find thousands of complaints and charges from various state attorney generals. But these greedy cable stations continue to run these scam ads night after night and they get away with it by leading off with a disclaimer. What kind of people are they? So please don't get taken in. These people are easily investigated on the Internet scam sites. Just type in the name of their web site and watch what happens. The greedy cable people could just as easily do that and take the scammers off the air, but they would rather have the ad money.
There are no free lunches!
Nice folks eh! Go after them! Lets get these ads off the air!