Monday, April 7, 2008

More Information on Internet Ripoffs by Walt Barrett

I hate to sound redundant, but every day I hear another story about hard working people losing a lot of money on phony rip off business ventures that are offered on late night TV especially. Evidently the TV stations are more interested in the revenue from these deceptive ads than they are in protecting the unsuspecting public. So once again, I am going to advise you to research the company on the Internet. Be sure you enter their name and the key words rip off, scammers, attorney generals office, investigation, and you can also do a general search under Internet scams and rip offs. If you really want to help to stop this kind of advertising you should write to your congressmen and complain about the greedy TV stations that are allowing these ads when all they have to do is take five minutes to investigate the advertisers on the Internet. By the way, These same rip off companies also advertise on the Internet in most cases, and you didn't just win a mega million dollar lottery, and you don't take checks of any kind no matter how good they look, and you especially don't cash over size checks and send the balance back, and your bank didn't just email you a questionaire asking you to confirm all of your most private financial data, and you didn't just fall off a turnip truck! It can take weeks to really clear a check and people are getting ripped off left and right on the check scams. We only accept Pay Pal or bank wires, but the scammers still hit on us daily with large orders they want to pay either by check with or stolen credit card numbers. That's where having pay pal really comes in handy. These scammers can ruin your business and your life so please watch your step! As the saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is!
You must now with whom you are dealing with.