Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Walt Barrett

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Battery Rebuilding Complete Business Package Olny $995.00

This is a great opportunity. A complete green business package reconditioning lead acid batteries.

Friday, October 31, 2008

New Businesss Opportunity by Walt Barrett President is now offering a complete battery reconditioning business package for only $995.00 plus shipping. The package includes all chemicals, two chargers, sealed battery hole borer, sealing caps,Training manual, CD instruction video, and test equipment. We have done this at the popular request of our customers. It is a turn key operation. All you need is a very small space to set it up.
See the free training video here.
This is a truly amazing offer!



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Lowest Factory Direct Prices for Jinma Tractors by Walt Barrett

The lowest prices!
In Case you did not know, Factory Direct China Depot with headquarters and a super warehouse in Lincoln, Rhode Island is one of the oldest and probably has the lowest new tractor prices on the Internet. We sell both Jinma and Terra Cyclone tractors. The Terra Cyclone tractor is made by an entirely different factory than the Jinma tractor. We are a supplier of parts for Chinese Tractors and generators. We sell front loaders, backhoes, wood chippers, snow blowers, and most other accessories for Jinma and Terra-Cyclone tractors. We also sell mini dozers. We can quote just about any product from China. Let us give you the best prices and handle all of your customs paperwork for you too If we have to import it for you.

Walt Barrett President

A Free Course In Battery Reconditioning by Walt Barrett

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Free Course In Battery Reconditioning by Walt Barrett
I think that this is worth repeating. We are offering a free video course in battery reconditioning. Our chemicals that we developed over 25 years ago have brought back many a battery from the dead. We have thousands of satisfied customers. We know this because of the repeat sales and the email letters that we receive. Whether you are starting your own business of just trying to get a few more years from your expensive batteries, you should view this nine minute video that has been viewed by over 50,000 people on YouTube alone. It has also been mirrored on many other video sites world-wide. The video teaches you how to test and service lead acid batteries, and how to determine if they are even savable to begin with. The chemicals are available though our well known web site Please view the video at this link below. people are now using very expensive batteries for storage in solar and wind power systems. The market for proper battery service is really starting to open up. Learn how to service even sealed lead acid batteries too because they do run out of water and we show you how to bore into them, and refill them with deionized water and boost them with our famous dry powder chemical formula, and reseal them with our special caps.Please write to me for a free copy of our battery service manual and go to our web site to obtain free samples for postage costs only.Thanks,Walt BarrettP.S. The entire exterior including the roof of the solar micro home will be finished this weekend and the photos will be posted on this site. We are getting ready to market several micro home models.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Contact Information needed

A young man who is in college recently wrote to me asking for business advice. If you see this, I need an email address so I can help you, which I will gladly do.
Walt Barrett is the address to contact me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Curb Picking" or Recycling for extra money by Walt Barrett

Back in the nineteen forties I got my first bicycle when a bunch of my young teen age friends, whom were just as poor as I was, introduced me to the city dump in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. We managed to find enough trashed bikes to make one good one. That was an eye opening experience for me. When I was a struggling young Airman in the USAF stationed in California during the Korean War, oh sorry, police action, I quickly learned that the base land fill was a veritable gold mine.
My wife and I were a very young married couple with no money. So I went back to the landfill and got bureaus, a book case and several other pieces of otherwise very expensive furniture. We always managed to put money in the bank when others around us were broke.
Now there is a new twist to this whole subject. I was reminded of all this the other day while driving through a fairly upscale neighborhood. It was trash day and I was marveling at some of the items that people had just set out on the curb for pickup. Then I spotted two ladies in their late thirties or so with a Van pulling a trailer that had been made by stripping down an old pop up tent camper. They were busily going from pile to pile in front of each home, picking off the best items, and popping them into the rapidly filling up trailer and van. At that moment I was instantly transported back sixty years to my first profitable experience at "Dump Picking" as we used to call it in those days. It also reminded me that it was not without its hazards either, as I still have the scars on my ankles where I sunk into a pit of hot ashes from coal that was still burning underground. That is a permanent memory I can assure you! I later found out that some other unfortunate kid had died that way several years before.
Well, back to the ladies who were "Curb Picking." They were neat and clean looking and dressed very nicely, and very dignified looking. considering their line of work. Their van didn't look too shabby either. I have seen a lot of this "Curb Picking" in recent years and have found that many of these items are sold at flea markets, and on sites like EBay for a tidy profit.
One more example is a guy I know who just pick up broken lawn mowers on trash day. Many of them just have a faulty wire on the kill switch and he fixes that problem and sells them for $25.00 each. Others need different parts like wheels and carburetors etc. , so he cannibalizes them from more severely damaged mowers. So even his replacement parts are free. By the way, there's nothing wrong with buying a used, repaired mower or garden tractor. You can save a lot of money, and cut down on the space taken up in the landfill.
Well "Curb Picking" is a way to start your own business with absolutely no money, and whats wrong with that? I still get tempted myself on days when I decide to drive my pickup truck!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Is Google too powerful? Or, Don’t blame us, “The Robot did it.” by Walt Barrett

Is Google too powerful? Or, Don’t blame us, “The Robot did it.”

Yesterday morning when I fired up my computer I quickly discovered that all four of my blogs on the Google Blogger pages were blocked! I was informed by a robot notice that their robots had determined that I was a spammer, and that my blogs would stay blocked until they determined other wise! Anyone who knows my blogs or me knows that I do not spam, nor do I publish or read any kind of smut.
All I have ever done is try to help people with my green energy Blog, and maybe entertain the a bit with my photo Blog.
Well I filed the necessary appeal form they left me for each of the four blogs that I write, and by late last night I was unblocked.

In the meantime though, I got very angry and have started a new Blog on Yahoo called Low Cost Micro Homes & Free Energy. It will be a mirror Blog with a different name and I will continue to transfer all of the Blog stories I have written to that site too. We aren’t getting enough readership or comments anyway. Like the man said, “Never put all your eggs in one basket.” I have been reminded of a good lesson.
I also did a thorough search for Google censorship complaints etc., and found hundreds of them. In most of the cases, the reason was “Our robots did it!” How very convenient! Especially blocking the Blogs that criticized certain political candidates, and were blocked!” “The robot did it” theme is very convenient!
Shades of Hal (2001)!

I have read the Google terms of service and according to them they can do just about anything they want to your blogs! I know they are into green energy etc there, and I am wondering if they heat their building on chilly days by burning books?
I’m not even sure if terms of agreement are legal if they deprive people of their first amendment rights, but we are going to find out.
Long story short, I’m writing my congressmen and complain that these people have entirely too much power, and it is growing daily. We don’t need anyone having that much control over what is seen or read on the Internet. Anyone with that much power is scary! I urge you all to write to your congressman and advise him of the dangers of letting any giant corporation exercise that kind of power over an important asset of the magnitude of the Internet. No one should be allowed to buy up the Internet either. I’m going to use Yahoo more often!
The blogs will continue unless Google blocks them again.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Living off the grid in a micro home

We have an ongoing micro home construction series on our other blog you are tired of feeling the pinch of high taxes and energy costs I strongly suggest you visit the site often and soak up all the knowledge you can. I have nearly forty years in the solar and off grid energy business and this promises to be an interesting project.Also, it would be very helpful if you could fill out our survey below and mail it to us at low cost solar powered micro home survey. We are a New England based corporation currently building a prototype model of a micro home. Our unit is designed to be totally off the power grid with the electricity and hot water to be supplied by solar energy with a tiny propane or wood backup if necessary. These homes are much lower in cost, and the energy bills are a fraction of full size conventional homes. Energy costs by current micro home dwellers are reported to be as low as $200.00 a year. Some of our models sell for under $10,000.00. That's less than a new automobile. You must provide your own lot and fresh water supply. We view them as excellent for singles or couples, and retirees who may reside up north in the summer and down south or the desert for the winter. They are a very economical way to live if you can appreciate the life style. We also view these homes as possibly the only alternative for many people to ever own a home in this hostile economy, and seniors whom can no longer pay the ridiculous property taxes in most cities and towns.If you are interest in this life style you could help us by answering just a few short questions.
Thank you
1.Would you ever consider owning a very low cost but very attractive Micro Home?With some Micro Homes on the market starting at the extremely small size of 64 square feet plus a sleeping or storage loft of 50 square feet.

2.What is the smallest number of square feet you would consider living in? 64 square feet = 8 feet X 8 feet

3. Can you live without a home laundry?Can you live with just a shower and no tub?

4.Would you consider using a 100% odor free composting toilet?

5. Would you use a space saving sleeping loft with windows at either end for ventilation and safety, or do you need extra space for a bed on the main floor? (Lofts not recommended for seniors.)

6. Can you find a space to place this micro home if you wanted one?

7.Do you need a full foundation or just concrete blocks to set the unit on?

8.Do you think the micro home is a good idea for low income and retired people, or just plain stupid?

9.How many people would occupy your micro home if you had one?

10. If the models varied in size from 8 x 8, 8 x 10, 8 x 12, 8 x 14, 8 x 16, or 8x20’ is there a size that you would prefer realizing that the 8’ x 20’ is most likely to be nearly triple the cost of that 8 x8’ model, and the energy bills would also be higher?

We will be happy to answer any questions pertaining to these homes
Thank you,
Walt Barrett President A to Z global marketing Inc

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A to Z Global Marketing To Mass Produce Micro Homes Starting Around $10,000.00 by Walt Barrett

A to Z Global marketing Inc is currently building a Micro Home to be used as a display model and also to assist them to convert the stick built models into a production line tecnique enabeling mass production these tiny inexpensive homes at prices starting below $10,000.00 for the smaller models. The homes are designed to ship fully assembled to any destination. A to Z is also considering building assembly plants in other states if the demands of the housing market dictate this tactic. The basic concept is to provide jobs and low cost housing for Americans. The pricing will be extremely low. The project is being financed by strong revenues for the China Depot division.
The full photo blog is now being displayed at . The series will continue as construction develops.
Please tell your friends about this project.

Bio Diesel Fuel Business Booming by Walt Barrett

Based upon recent orders on the China Depot web site that is wholly owned by the American Corporation A to Z Global Marketing Inc, the recent outrageous increase in the cost of diesel fuel and gasoline has sparked an unprecedented in crease in the sales of our used vegetable oil filtering machines and Bio Diesel processing systems. As we predicted several years ago, the Bio fuel industry is the place to be in the 21 st century.
If you are looking for a fresh start, this might be a good place to make that start.
Feel free to contact us at

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Huge Opportunities In The Energy and Food Sector by Walt Barrett

This is a very busy time for us right now, and I am not left with a lot of time to keep up my four blogs. I have a very busy video production schedule that will run the entire summer, and fall season, Our China Depot business is totally off the wall busy! However, I feel I must stop to comment on the three current crisis in the world. That would be the energy crisis, the food crisis, and the weather crisis. The three of them are tied together in a hopeless upward spiral of rising costs, and food shortages world-wide.If you ever had a good idea to make or save energy, or to raise any kind of food more easily, now is the time to take your shot. Scientists are even talking about raising insects, and processing them for food. This is because they proliferate very easily by the billions and require a great deal less energy and raw materials.We could also use any new methods to make alcohol cheaply from scrap organic materials instead of precious corn, and other grains needed for food.Anything in these fields is worth trying. We need to power this distillation equipment with cheap solar heated hot water. There is no need to power a still with expensive fuel.The bottom line is that we all have to think of better and cheaper ways to solve these problems, and to provide more food and fuel to the masses. Like the man once said, "We have to think more outside the box." We have to bend the known laws of physics and come up with some fresh answers. We cannot take no for an answer.I have to get back to work now!

You may contact Walter H. Barrett at: He is the President of

Monday, April 7, 2008

More Information on Internet Ripoffs by Walt Barrett

I hate to sound redundant, but every day I hear another story about hard working people losing a lot of money on phony rip off business ventures that are offered on late night TV especially. Evidently the TV stations are more interested in the revenue from these deceptive ads than they are in protecting the unsuspecting public. So once again, I am going to advise you to research the company on the Internet. Be sure you enter their name and the key words rip off, scammers, attorney generals office, investigation, and you can also do a general search under Internet scams and rip offs. If you really want to help to stop this kind of advertising you should write to your congressmen and complain about the greedy TV stations that are allowing these ads when all they have to do is take five minutes to investigate the advertisers on the Internet. By the way, These same rip off companies also advertise on the Internet in most cases, and you didn't just win a mega million dollar lottery, and you don't take checks of any kind no matter how good they look, and you especially don't cash over size checks and send the balance back, and your bank didn't just email you a questionaire asking you to confirm all of your most private financial data, and you didn't just fall off a turnip truck! It can take weeks to really clear a check and people are getting ripped off left and right on the check scams. We only accept Pay Pal or bank wires, but the scammers still hit on us daily with large orders they want to pay either by check with or stolen credit card numbers. That's where having pay pal really comes in handy. These scammers can ruin your business and your life so please watch your step! As the saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is!
You must now with whom you are dealing with.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Four Blogs by Walt Barrett

Four Blogs by Walt Barrett
If you enjoy any of our blogs please forward them to your friends. We have assisted many people in starting their own small businesses. We also encourage you to write to us for free advice. All photos and materials are copyrighted and you must contact us for any commercial use of them.We also produce video for Internet use etc.
The Next Billionaires Will Be Green by Walt Barrett

The China Depot Blog by Walt Barrett

Business Success Stories by Walt Barrett

Walt Barrett's Photo Blog
Some of our videos

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

TheFree Battery Reconditioning Manual by Walt Barrett

The Free China Depot Battery Reconditioning Manual by Walt Barrett
Well this has been an interesting morning. There were eight comments on the blog site about one of the companies we own. That would be our battery reconditioning chemical supply business. We are going to publish the full training manual right here on the blog by popular request.We like to say that we put people into business, and this morning I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I have also made a free training video and posted it to: offer a free sample of the product if you are willing to pay the shipping. Samples here, small sample free, just pay shipping.We have thousands of customers using our product world-wide because you can get into the business for virtually pocket change. When I started back in 1980 I raised the money by selling scrap batteries. No one was going to hand it to me, that's for sure! One person commented that he was very poor, well my wife of 55 years and I had five kids and we were not exactly flush at one time ourselves. Being poor is a huge incentive to work hard. If you don't feel that way then don't waste your money on my products because you aren't going to make it in any business, never mind a simple battery business. Take no offense please. I have simply stated a fact. remember, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to get into this business. All you need is a battery charger, a hydrometer, and a battery load tester. The load tester can double as a volt meter by clipping a pair of probes to it. So study the free manual below, and watch the free video on youtube, and remember that you can do it too! Where do you think I got the money from to start China Depot. If anyone needs technical help you may reach me at: And remember, don't be a sucker and waste big money to get into this business!Now, here is your chance for your own small business venture.Good Luck and be hones with your customers!WaltDown load here

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Beware of the get rich quick guys by Walt Barrett

Just one more warning that could save you some hard earned money. Late night Cable is riddled with get rich quick, and easy money schemes with your new Internet business. Some actress comes on and says "I made $200,000.00 last year with my money making robot web site!" Yeah lady, and I just fell of a turnip truck. All you have to do is look up these companies on the scam warning sites and you will find thousands of complaints and charges from various state attorney generals. But these greedy cable stations continue to run these scam ads night after night and they get away with it by leading off with a disclaimer. What kind of people are they? So please don't get taken in. These people are easily investigated on the Internet scam sites. Just type in the name of their web site and watch what happens. The greedy cable people could just as easily do that and take the scammers off the air, but they would rather have the ad money.
There are no free lunches!
Nice folks eh! Go after them! Lets get these ads off the air!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two safety strobe lights that can save your life by Walt Barrett

Give the gift of life!

It seems that we are forever hearing about kids or adults getting lost in the wilderness and the problem is that many of these wooded forests are so vast that finding a lost person or persons is like look for a specific grain of sand on a beach. Then there are the folks who go out on the ocean in either pleasure boats or commercial vessels etc. Accidents happen and people are lost at sea. Can you imagine being in a rescue aircraft trying to spot one of these lost souls? It practically takes a miracle, and every year hundreds of people perish because they simply disappear at sea.

Then there are the automobiles that break down on the expressway and pull into the breakdown lane. The next thing you know some driver who is not paying attention drives into your car and Boom! Everyone goes up in a deadly fireball!

There are dozens of scenarios that happen everyday both on the highway, the ocean, and in the wilderness Where this simple little waterproof flashing strobe light could save your life, or that of one of you loved ones.

One of our satisfied customers recently tested fifteen our Emergency strobe lights in a practice Ariel search and says he could see it from the air at twenty miles. Now we only advertised it a three miles so we were beside ourselves to receive his letter which is posted on our web site. This inexpensive unit can pin to your clothing or life jacket. it will easily go into a pocket. It is just large enough to fit one "D" cell flashlight battery and will flash for hours.

This is a product you can make money with. Please see our web page for details to purchase single units or case lots from our warehouse in Rhode Island, USA.

This is a business you can get into for low dollars. We also have the window smashing life hammer tools with the flashing strobe, flash light and the seat belt cutter to save your life if you are ever trapped in a sinking or burning automobile. Buy a case now and get started making money. One of our close friends to this tool t work and sold sixty in one week to his fellow employees just by showing it! We can wholesale to you in small quantities to help you get started..

Happy Sales!