Sunday, December 23, 2007


I'm getting tired of seeing people getting ripped off by phony advertising on TV, Radio, News Papers, magazines and other advertising media. If you see an add on late night TV for instance with a whole bunch of people claiming to have made millions with some phony secret method to get rich quick, don't be rushing to the phone to send your money. I have just completed a check on many of these ads in the media, and if you check the Internet for consumer complaints on these companies, and their web sites, you will find that most of them are rip offs. A wise man once said " There is no such thing as a free lunch!" and oh brother, was he ever right! If it was so easy, everybody would be rich. By the way, there are no miracle medical cures either. Those ads really disgust me! Another Thing, you should hang up on all of these telephone solicitors for so called charities no matter how innocent they sound. Find your own ways to give money to the needy, and then you will know for sure where it is going. The world is full of heartless people posing as charities and religious organizations. Check them out first, and then give if you want to.

The thing that bothers me the most is that the media has continued to run these ads for years, and you can spot these phony ads a mile away once you really know all the scams. These ads prey on unfortunate people that are desperate to make any kind of extra money. Before you ever send money to anyone please check them out on the Internet. I have found so many complaints to Attorney Generals offices it is totally incredible. So always check first.
The problem is that the media is so greedy for money that they just keep right on running these phony ads. I think that they should be forced to make a simple check on the Internet as to the validity of the advertising they run , and if they continue to run these rip off ads they should then be held liable for any losses suffered by the consumer and fined. Please take the time to write your congressman or attorney general and make this suggestion. It should be against the law for the media to run the same phony ads over and over for years. They have to be held accountable!

*** Please send this to everyone you know. You will be doing them a big favor!

Happy Holidays!