Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Electric Forklift Battery Rejuvenation Break Through by Walt Barrett

   For over twenty-five years our company has been developing and marketing lead acid battery rejuvenation products and preventative maintenance methods.  This is a very green business and it has also been very profitable.
  Sometimes it takes a while to be discovered by industry our company was no exception until the Internet came along and then it went crazy!  For several years we have been experimenting with very large traction batteries that are used in electric forklift batteries and rail road locomotives.  The results have been excellent to say the least.  These batteries cost many thousands of dollars to replace.
   We are trying very hard to reach the many thousands of electric forklift owners and recently have succeeded with a very large company that has 2900 units.  We are also work with a very large parts warehouse that has 650 electric carts for their parts picking operation.   If you feel that your company is hemorrhaging money due to electric forklift battery problems please contact me ASAP at wbarrett1@aol.com or 401 725 8141 for as many free phone consultations as you need.  We are also seeking stocking service technicians world wide.   Please watch the video below.
The battery shown in this video was subjected to extreme abuse and neglect.  It suffered from lack of water and the use of tap water.  We reconditioned it for this client and it is now back in service and working perfectly.