Sunday, December 23, 2007


I'm getting tired of seeing people getting ripped off by phony advertising on TV, Radio, News Papers, magazines and other advertising media. If you see an add on late night TV for instance with a whole bunch of people claiming to have made millions with some phony secret method to get rich quick, don't be rushing to the phone to send your money. I have just completed a check on many of these ads in the media, and if you check the Internet for consumer complaints on these companies, and their web sites, you will find that most of them are rip offs. A wise man once said " There is no such thing as a free lunch!" and oh brother, was he ever right! If it was so easy, everybody would be rich. By the way, there are no miracle medical cures either. Those ads really disgust me! Another Thing, you should hang up on all of these telephone solicitors for so called charities no matter how innocent they sound. Find your own ways to give money to the needy, and then you will know for sure where it is going. The world is full of heartless people posing as charities and religious organizations. Check them out first, and then give if you want to.

The thing that bothers me the most is that the media has continued to run these ads for years, and you can spot these phony ads a mile away once you really know all the scams. These ads prey on unfortunate people that are desperate to make any kind of extra money. Before you ever send money to anyone please check them out on the Internet. I have found so many complaints to Attorney Generals offices it is totally incredible. So always check first.
The problem is that the media is so greedy for money that they just keep right on running these phony ads. I think that they should be forced to make a simple check on the Internet as to the validity of the advertising they run , and if they continue to run these rip off ads they should then be held liable for any losses suffered by the consumer and fined. Please take the time to write your congressman or attorney general and make this suggestion. It should be against the law for the media to run the same phony ads over and over for years. They have to be held accountable!

*** Please send this to everyone you know. You will be doing them a big favor!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Did you ever see a really great business idea on the Internet that is making huge amounts of money? And did you ever say to yourself "I thought of that years ago"? Well, it happens all the time to people. If you get an idea that you think is really great, don't just sit around thinking about it or talking about it. Do what ever it takes if you really believe in the idea, but find a way to make it work! That way you won't end up sitting around one of these days saying "I could have done that"! It may take some backbone, but that's where the Google's and the EBay's of the world come from.
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ice Breaker Business Cards and advertising by Walt Barrett

We are very busy these days producing our new line of greeting and business cards. They are available as free down loads, and are also available with business advertising on them for a reasonable fee. You may contact us at

Thursday, October 18, 2007


This is just a brief post about our very successful sales of green products. We are reporting strong sales of all the green products on our web site these days and are looking for more dealers.
Recent products added are the DOT approved electric motorcycle with lithium batteries, and the vegetable oil pressing and filtering machines used in the manufacture of bio diesel fuel.

I am now working on the full rags to riches story of and how we did it without risking a penny of our savings starting twelve years ago when I was sixty-two. I think you will find it very interesting, and profitable. It will be sold on EBay as an E-book.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


There is never any need to pay for a classified ad, or ads, even if you have photos of your products to post. We offer this absolutely free service to all who come to our web site. Just click here and join free. Never pay ever. All information is kept private.Our business is putting you in business.

Exaggerated Business Success Stories On The Internet by Walt Barrett

When I fired up my computer this morning I was immediately struck by an article about people that were referred to as Internet millionaires by selling their products on a well known Internet auction site that we ourselves use, and the site is admittedly profitable. Upon closer scrutiny of the article I realized that some of the businesses mentioned only had sales of one or two million dollars a year. I would like to point out the obvious which is that if a company sells one million dollars in goods or services in a year it does not automatically make the owner or owners of that company millionaires. They could actually be running at a loss! These stories make great copy, but are meaningless in the whole scheme of things. High sales do not automatically mean high profits. It's not the gross sales that count, Its the net profit that means everything.
I have not been posting very often recently because we are in a very busy business cycle lately.

Friday, August 10, 2007


This is also called "Removing The Spine from A Very Successful Company"
Wait till you wrap your head around this one!
I started my first job in manufacturing in a sweatshop in 1947. Yes, I was fourteen. It didn't kill me by the way. That's a whole other subject I will cover soon. Well, in sixty years of working, I had to learn something. I hope you will give me that! So please read this story, and pay attention so that your company isn't next. A person I know very well that is a hard working, honest, and knowledgeable employee has worked for a local company for eight years now. The company is about twenty-five years old and manufacturers precision parts. They were doing about twenty-five million a year with about one hundred fifty employees many of who are highly skilled precision machinists and welders etc. About two years ago the retiring and, very wealthy owner sold the company, and here is where it gets interesting. The new management arrived, and of course they gave the famous speech I like to call "Don't worry men, were not going to change a thing." I've heard it so many times I can recite it in my sleep!As a matter of fact, someone should make a movie with that name. Oh, I almost forgot, the new CEO brought in a bean counter to grind on everyone for more production, and of course, cut down on the manpower, and yearly pay raises. A real hero type that wanted to make an impression, and she did that OK! I'll make the rest short, and sweet. The new genius in charge has replaced most of the key self educated non college graduate formen with a bunch of young college graduates who are long on book theory, which is admirable, but very short on practical experience. I like to call that form of academic snobbery "Fiscal Suicide" , or "NASA style management" He also held a series of small intimate department meetings where he asked for ideas on improving production etc. Those who complained or made suggestions are either no longer with the company, or have been humiliated, and demoted. Well of course he didn't stop at that. The next thing he did was to take most of the best and most knowledgeable lead men, and foreman, and give them insulting reviews; no annual pay raises, and knocked them down to lower positions. The result, of course, is now that the new college wonder boy managers are making terrible mistakes, and very expensive, wasteful bad decisions. Time and material are being wasted, and the remaining old timers are bailing out of this debacle. It has taken less than two years to nearly destroy what was once a beautifully running and profitable company. This house of cards will be caving in shortly. If this all sounds familiar, and you work at a company like that, you better start looking around for a new job, or to start your own business which is the only real form of security you will ever have, unless, of course, you are a bad manager too!Just an afterthought -- as a self educated, non-college graduate, self-made millionaire, I have come to hate academic snobbery. I am however a great admirer of higher education, but realize that it doesn't make you a genius or any better than the people that were not fortunate enough to graduate from college. When I was first promoted from a factory laboring job to management after I returned from the Korean War I was saddened and disappointed at the time to find out that many in management referred to the employees as the "donkeys in the shop”, and I didn't hesitate to tell them so either. Earning more money does not make you better than another person. When a company starts dealing with people as if they are just numbers it is the beginning of the downhill slide for them, and they deserve it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tractor and Equipment Dealers Making Great Profits by Walt Barrett

It's no secret that many Americans have a love affair with their cars. Well I'm here to tell you that many Americans who have escaped from the city into the countryside also have a love affair with their tractors!
The point is that if you are looking for a great business with a proven product you should seriously consider selling Chinese Tractors, and don,t kid yourselves about where most of the tractors are being built today and what well know American tractor builder just bought an entire tractor company, factory and all in China.
In the past twelve years we have sold hundreds of these machines, and our customers are very happy with them. Every month we are bringing in container loads of shiny new tractors and attachments.
We are currently seeking dealers for our products as we are in the middle of a world-wide expansion campaign. Our import services include door to door delivery, and completion of all customs paperwork if it is required by you. We offer many other products from China and India.
Our engines are all EPA approved.
Our business is putting you in business. We make it easy for you.
Please contact me if you are interested.
Walt Barrett President 401 725 8141 Monday - Friday 8 am to 5pm EST

P.S. You may now advertise free at our site
It's just a small payback for all the business you give us!
Thanks again!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


You don’t have to be a big time college graduate, or the wizard of Wall Street to make a lot of money in the recycling business. The best part is it’s a Green Business. Every day thousands of tons of metals, lumber, and other materials are sent to the landfills in this country. All you have to do is drive down any street on trash pickup day, and you can find literally tons of iron, aluminum, brass, copper, and car batteries, just to name a few items.
There are people who make a living just by picking up old appliances and refurbishing them. Have you been to buy a new washer or dryer lately? The sidewalks are littered with them, and many of them only require simple repairs! There are plenty of families that would be more than happy to own a working refurbished washer and dryer set. Parts are easy to get, and are not that expensive if you have a working relationship with a parts supplier that knows you are a pro.
Every time I go by a construction site, especially the big union jobs where large buildings are involved I am appalled at what I see going into the dumpsters. It’s as if money grows on trees! I have written many times about building Micro Homes to alleviate the housing shortage. Well there is enough waste coming off these jobs to build thousands of Micro Homes!
I have seen people sweep up expensive nuts, bolts and other very expensive hardware and simply throw it in the trash. I’m sure if you think about it you can recall many instances of such waste, especially by big businesses.
I would like to suggest that if you need extra money or would like to start a business, that you give serious consideration to starting a recycling business. Get a good clean used pickup truck and start one of these businesses. There are people always looking for bargains on used lumber and recycled metal products. Check your local paper for the daily scrap metal prices. Hold on to your scrap for the higher prices. Keep some records of the market prices, and speaking of records, keep some kind of accurate record of all your financial transactions. Always work from a checkbook, and don’t mess around with the taxman! Personally, we keep all of our records on Quick Books and have a CPA in four times a year. They also do our taxes, and the cost is surprisingly low for a small business.
The main thing is to do something -- anything, but don’t sit around forever just talking about it! Make a business plan and start moving forward. Do not be paralyzed by fear of failure!
Walt Barrett President
A to Z Global Marketing Inc. – An American Company! © 2007
401 725 8141
An afterthought:
The Rag Man
When I was a young boy there was an old man who came around once a month with a horse and wagon. My mother would save her old rags and scrap metal, and he would give her a few cents a pound for the stuff. Those were interesting times in the great depression and the Korean War both of which I am a proud survivor, and never want to be cold or hungry again! The old man would drive up and down the streets in his horse drawn wagon yelling "Rags, rags, anybody got any rags?" I'd go running in the house shouting "Mom, The rag man is here!" That's the only name we ever knew that old man by, and yet, his descendants own one of the largest metals company in America today! Just remember, it all has to start somewhere!
Walt Barrett


Can you imagine saving up to $41.00 a year just by changing a single light bulb? Well believe me, it’s entirely possible. We have five flood lamps on a dimmer switch in our new home, and they were chewing up some serious electricity. We have been switching out the old style light bulbs, and this weekend it was the kitchen’s turn. We had to make a trip to the Home Depot anyway because we needed the waterproof wire, the wire connectors, and the marine sealer for our solar water pump installation movie we are about to shoot, and post on the Internet. While we were in the electrical department we also picked up six of the new energy saving kitchen flood lamps. They are packed two to a package, and a bargain at $9.95 for a twin pack. Each lamp only requires 14 Watts of input power to output 65 Watts of nice soft white light. Each lamp will save you $41.00 a year on your electric bill, and to further the bargain they will last 4 times longer than a standard lamp! This is a huge savings of not only money, but of electricity and carbon emissions. As far as I’m concerned they can stop making the old fashioned light bulbs today. Now, even if you have so much money that it’s falling out of your pockets, and you could care less about your electric bill, you should still do the responsible thing and switch over to the new lamps just to cut down on the national energy use, and carbon foot print, even if you think that the whole global warming thing is junk science. Switching over to energy saving lamps is the cheapest insurance policy on the future that you could ever buy, and you save a lot of money in the bargain. Let’s say that you save $500.00 in one year, look at the gasoline or fuel oil that will buy!
I think it’s time we got a lot more serious about saving energy!

As a public service to our readers we have posted a totally free classified advertising web site on the Internet.
It is Please us it as often as you like and please tell your friends about us.
That’s advertize with a Z.
Walt Barrett President
A to Z Global Marketing Inc.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


As a thank you gesture to our many customers and friends over the years we have put up a totally free classified ads web site. Free advertising is a very good way to give your Internet business a boost. Your ads will be seen world wide by millions of viewers. Our new web site will function as a network for thousands of buyers and sellers to met. Please feel free to use it as often as you like.
The address is:
Good luck, and thanks,
Walt Barrett President

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


You know, they say that "Gold is where you find it", and I'm a firm believer in that. Here's an interesting little story that happened to me in the cemetery just last week. Talk about a ground floor opportunity!
My cousin and I are both in our mid seventies and our parents are buried in the same cemetery. We took a ride there about four weeks ago to visit and inspect their graves. Considering what we had paid initially for their services, we felt that their graves were in pretty shabby condition. They really needed top soil and seeding. It seems that all those guys do is cut the grass, when they get around to it, and pick up the baskets that they sell back to you next year. That day we went to the office and asked them to straighten it out. They wrote a work order, and said they would take care of it. My cousin drove by four weeks later and nothing had been done. Now, here's where the fun begins. Being part time farmers all of our lives, we just loaded up the pickup truck with tools, grass seed and fertilizer etc. and took matters into our own hands. It only took us about thirty minutes to rake, seed, and fertilize the four graves of our parents. Now my parents graves are right near the lane that passes through the cemetery, and very convenient to get to. So while I was working there a very nice middle aged lady, and an elderly man (that means even older than me) pulled up in a car and asked me if I was one of the maintenance people. I walked over to them, and said that while I was very flattered, no I was not, but what was the problem? Of course, I already knew the answer to that.
She was practically in tears and so was her Dad as she explained that her Mother's grave had been a mess for three years, and nothing was being done about it. So I told here to just either fix it herself, or keep going back to the office until they fixed it for her like she was paying for. These guys count on you not going back to check, as I see it by my own experience. There is a fund set up like an annuity that is funded by your original payment for the space, and the inflated headstones and charges that you purchase with the grave site. Whatever these guys can save, they can cream off and pocket. Anyway, she went off to the office, and I went about finishing the grave repairs.
After I finished, and we were driving back home, I got to thinking. I told my cousin who was driving that I was sure that there was a business opportunity in that situation, and that I was going to Google it as soon as I got back to my office. Sure enough, according to Google, there are many people in various parts of the country who offer grave maintenance services. Now there are an awful lot of graves out there, and that means there is plenty of room for people to repair them, and also to set up schedules to place flowers on the graves etc. even has a site listed that offers a complete business plan for only $19.95. People even list the various fees to charge on their web sites. As I see it, this business is a low buck investment that to could run even from a car to get started if you could not afford a pickup. Graves take very little loam for top dressing and it can be carried in old five gallon buckets if necessary. It is also a very nice service to perform for people. You can get customers by advertising in free supermarket flyer's, word of mouth, and on your own web site. Another place to advertise any product or service for free is .
Try to make yearly contracts and collect your money either in advance or monthly billing by Pay Pal or CC etc. Your clients may even be out of town and unable to visit the graves.
You will have to market your services to succeed. You also have to be very patient. I will write another article just on inexpensive marketing very soon. When I started our now famous web site in 1995 I didn't make one penny for two years, but I have always had a motto that I live by, "Never give up, and never stop trying." Remember though, you must have a decent idea to start with. Fear of failure kills a lot of businesses before they are ever started. You cannot be afraid to fail. No one plans to fail, but if you do, you must pick yourself up and keep moving forward. I failed several times over the past fifty years. How do you think I learned so much about business. Another thing, don't pay some third party to "make you rich" by starting you in "their wonderful business" If it is that great, what are they sharing it with you for? Late night TV is loaded with sucker deals. The TV stations should be held responsible to everyone that gets swindled by these slick talking dudes that have no conscience, and will do anything to get your money! I believe that you should study the business that you want to be in very thoroughly, and then boot strap it. Don't let some flim flam man steal your life savings, and your dreams! Do your homework, and research these get rich quick opportunities. Find a real life example in your own state that is succeeding and not just by selling blue sky and big pipe dreams!
Any questions, please drop me a line. My advice is free! Please subscribe to our four blogs. And, please tell your friends about us.
Here's to successful business!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Here's a quick little idea for you whether you are an Internet beginner, or a seasoned veteran user that just never bothered with EBay. This is a business start up that can work with as little as five dollars to get started. You can get inexpensive items at garage and yard sales or local bargain stores. One example, I bought a little plastic radio that was made in the fifties with vacuum tube technology. I paid $1.50 and sold it for $30.00 to a collector. As a matter of fact I did three old radios that way and enjoyed rides in the countryside visiting yard sales in the process. What a fun little business!
How do you get started? Simple, as I stated in my introductory blog. First you join for free. Then you join for free. Note: when you join pay pal you must be ready to give them a bank account number where you can receive your payments by credit card of E-Check. Yes, the best part about joining pay pal is you get to accept credit cards almost immediately, and you haven't even spent a dime yet! Please remember that I do not work for either company and do not receive any commissions from them for publishing this blog. This is a real easy process, and if the Internet was around when I was a young man over fifty years ago, I would be a billionaire by now! Now I have to settle for millions instead, lol.
Please don't give up if you don't make money right away. You have to study the entire eBay web site if you really want to be successful. There is a wealth of marketing information, and tips on how to use the site if you study it. And please don't go buying any expensive books as that will be just a waste of money! Just study and explore all the tips that EBay gives you for free.
They even tell you their hottest selling items. There are marketing companies that would charge you thousands of dollars for that information!
That's my tip for the day. Please read our three other blogs. They are listed on our personal about me information on this blog under my photo.
Thanks for reading.


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A chance to sort things out by Walt Barrett

I recently had a friend invest $6000.00 in an Internet get rich quick scheme put on by a bunch of hucksters that travel from city to city conning people. He never asked my advice to begin with, or I could have told him that the company was currently under investigation by several State Attorney Generals offices. This is really a sad story because my young friend really could not afford to lose that money on a phony business plan. There is no easy money on the Internet. We all have to work hard for it just like everyone else! I do not work for EBay in any way shape or form, however, if you want to get an Internet business and you are inexperienced, then join EBay and Pay Pal , both are for free, and are the same company now, then learn the rules and start selling. We have a store on EBay and it is very profitable, and they are not paying me to say that. Never answer any emails to either of the two sites if they ask you to use your passwords etc. Just put the letter aside and go to the web site and sign in. All scam letters to do with EBay or Pay Pal can be verified by sending them to or Never send your pass words to anyone!!!
The purpose of this web site is to give people a place to submit legitimate business opportunities that do not charge upfront fees for one thing, and are not MLS (Multi Level Marketing Schemes) for Another. I'm not saying they are dishonest, I just don't care for them.
The idea of hundreds of other people making money for you is very attractive but mostly a pipe dream except for the folks at the top of the pyramid. If a company has a decent product or service for you to sell then they have no need to charge you fees etc. Also, don't be bulldozed into buying a ton of inventory! You have to test the waters first. There are many companies in the world that will be very happy to wholesale products to you without charging you Blue Sky Money. The other thing I would just like to touch on is if you see a business for sale, ask yourself why is it for sale? A thorough investigation is always needed in these cases. I once met a guy that was shown a set of phony books, and taken for a bundle. My advice is investigate, investigate, investigate. I have been contacted by another man who paid $12,000.00 for a dealership performing certain repairs for motor vehicles. Now he is not receiving any customer support, and the worst part of it is he could have started the same business on his own for less than $1000.00. I have had several calls about that same company. Do not be motivated by greed, and excitement into an easy money scheme! You may post your questions and thoughts on this blog. We will solicit comments and advice from other readers as this blog grows. This could save you a fortune. It is a free service from our company. We are not asking you to buy anything. We don't need dealers to sell our products.
Please send this blog site to your friends. You might save them from getting burned like my friend did.