Sunday, June 1, 2008

Huge Opportunities In The Energy and Food Sector by Walt Barrett

This is a very busy time for us right now, and I am not left with a lot of time to keep up my four blogs. I have a very busy video production schedule that will run the entire summer, and fall season, Our China Depot business is totally off the wall busy! However, I feel I must stop to comment on the three current crisis in the world. That would be the energy crisis, the food crisis, and the weather crisis. The three of them are tied together in a hopeless upward spiral of rising costs, and food shortages world-wide.If you ever had a good idea to make or save energy, or to raise any kind of food more easily, now is the time to take your shot. Scientists are even talking about raising insects, and processing them for food. This is because they proliferate very easily by the billions and require a great deal less energy and raw materials.We could also use any new methods to make alcohol cheaply from scrap organic materials instead of precious corn, and other grains needed for food.Anything in these fields is worth trying. We need to power this distillation equipment with cheap solar heated hot water. There is no need to power a still with expensive fuel.The bottom line is that we all have to think of better and cheaper ways to solve these problems, and to provide more food and fuel to the masses. Like the man once said, "We have to think more outside the box." We have to bend the known laws of physics and come up with some fresh answers. We cannot take no for an answer.I have to get back to work now!

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