Sunday, September 23, 2007


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Exaggerated Business Success Stories On The Internet by Walt Barrett

When I fired up my computer this morning I was immediately struck by an article about people that were referred to as Internet millionaires by selling their products on a well known Internet auction site that we ourselves use, and the site is admittedly profitable. Upon closer scrutiny of the article I realized that some of the businesses mentioned only had sales of one or two million dollars a year. I would like to point out the obvious which is that if a company sells one million dollars in goods or services in a year it does not automatically make the owner or owners of that company millionaires. They could actually be running at a loss! These stories make great copy, but are meaningless in the whole scheme of things. High sales do not automatically mean high profits. It's not the gross sales that count, Its the net profit that means everything.
I have not been posting very often recently because we are in a very busy business cycle lately.