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Walter H. Barrett AKA Walt Barrett Bio

   Walter H. (Walt) Barrett was born in Providence, Rhode Island, USA in 1933. He is a life-long resident of Rhode Island with the exception of his time spent in the United States Air Force, and more time on active duty with the Air Force Reserve during national security alerts. He was a member of the famed 509 th Bomb Wing among others.
   Mr. Barrett writes a great deal and has over 20 million readers of his various pages and blogs. He is a Veteran of the Korean War and other military actions. Mr. Barrett has a heavy background in business management, product development, engineering, science, solar engineering, Micro Homes, automotive engineering & custom car building, motion picture & video productions, Digital film editing, sound editing, film writing, technical writing and marketing. He is also a very prolific still camera photographer and digital artist. Mr. Barrett has several patents in the alternate energy field, and has a keen interest in the energy field and low-cost housing. He is also a well-known business consultant. Mr Barrett taught solar energy classes and engineering at several schools and colleges during the energy crisis of the mid to late nineteen seventies. He has an international reputation in the solar energy field. Mr. Barrett has a great deal of experience establishing dealer networks and training sales engineers, etc. Before his first retirement, he was the President of Suntree Solar Corporation and chairmen of the board of Myriad corporation. Mr. Barrett is the President and sole owner of A to Z Global Marketing Inc. a world-wide import /export company and also a manufacturer of several of their own American made products including Micro and Small homes, video steady cam equipment, various wood products including a non destructive window shelf that comes in several widths and custom lengths. Our battery rejuvenating chemicals that he developed over twenty-five years ago have been sold for many years, and are selling in record quantities to repeat customers on the Internet. He has recently formulated a new Low Cost Eco Green laundry Detergent that is being used in both the regular washing machines and the new HE washing machines. Mr. Barrett is well-known as an inventor, and an abstract thinker. His business predictions are usually correct. He has helped many people to start their own businesses and gives freely of his ideas. Mr. Barrett has a great deal of experience establishing dealer networks and training sales engineers, etc. A to Z Global Marketing Inc. can take a virtually unknown company with a decent product, and make them known world-wide in a matter of months. We also like to say that we can get you any product that’s legal. We serve companies that are seeking various products from the USA. We invite you to contact us if you have a product, or service to sell. We have offices in the USA ans also China/India with very competent individuals whom are fluent in English, Chinese and Vietnamese on staff. When you place an order with us you can feel confident that your money, or Letter of Credit will be wired to our banks, and your order will be shipped in a reasonable time. We ship mostly by sea in order to keep your cost down and we will furnish bank references upon request. China is a division of A to Z Global Marketing, Inc. A to Z Global Marketing Inc really started when Walter Barrett retired in 1995 at age 62 after working nearly fifty years in private industry, Starting in factories at age fourteen, the military, and operating his own businesses. Mr. Barrett soon became bored with retirement and decided to explore the possibilities of developing a trading company. It has taken several years to develop the business, but China Depot has emerged as a reliable supplier of products from China and India. Mr Barrett believes in low prices and volume sales. His Internet companies quote up to one million dollars a day, seven days a week on a worldwide basis. We have offices in the USA, China, Taiwan, Korea, India and Vietnam. There is always someone on staff reading the mail and quoting our clients. Mr Barrett is currently investing in Green Manufacturing operations here in the USA in an attempt to create more employment opportunities here. Mr. Barrett is also a long time supporter of , an organization that assists people in underdeveloped countries to start small businesses through small loans. Known For his inventions, hundreds of Internet writings, and hundreds of his photos and videos. Please click on the following links , and for his videos go to and to Walt Barrett on Facebook
Mr Barrett has developed and is marketing low-cost lighting and power systems for third world countries and has invented a solar steam-powered water pump which he has freely donated to the world.
Mr. Barrett has recently developed and is making in the USA a Simply Add Water laundry detergent soap kit that makes 5 gallons of and is only $10.95 delivered in the lower 48 USA. The product and the price are unbeatable.
Also, Google Walt Barrett, or Walter H. Barrett.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Solution To Saving Your Financial Future by Walt Barrett

   When I was a young man back in the late nineteen forties I never thought that I would ever live to see the turn of the century. Fortunately, it seems that I was mistaken in spite of the Korean and Vietnam war etc. Now, here we are just two months away from 2012 and I'm still clinging to life as tenaciously as ever, but is that a good thing, or a bad thing? The answer is that it depends on the state of your health and your financial circumstances. Several of my high school classmates have already died in near poverty, while others have been very prosperous. The thing is that when you are young you never stop to think too much about the end of your life, about your future. You know, that's the part where your city, or town taxes your property and thus your bank account out of existence, and you can't afford proper medical care, or paying your taxes and the town the town auctions off your property to a political insider so you get to go live in what I call the “The Brick Prison”, my term for the housing for the elderly. If you are not careful, that's your future life in a nutshell! I have actually had people recently ask me why they had to live so long because they have become so poor in their so-called “Twilight Years” that they are suffering hard. That is how it is in America today.
So what can you do to save your own future? Well this is my formula and this is how I have always done it.
 The rules go like this:
    1. Keep your day job if you are lucky enough to have one. 
    2. Be damn sure to follow rule number one.
    3. Start a very low overhead business from home, and NEVER TAKE A PARTNER as it rarely works out in the long run!
  1. Find a product line of very frequently used and always needed products.
  2. Do not stock any products unless you are making them yourself. Otherwise find a reliable manufacturer in the USA like us (A to Z Global Marketing Inc.) that will manufacture and drop ship for you which will save you tons of money and hours of labor, and you can focus mainly on sales. A business like that runs almost on autopilot if you have a great product and a great supplier like our company that will even drop ship our American made products for you.
  3. Once you start to prove your concept and start showing a profit you can incorporate your business and start taking some pretty profitable tax deductions that the ordinary person cannot. Things like car payments, computer purchases, video cameras, advertising, Internet service fees, portions of your home expenses, etc. There are so many deductions that I could go on and on. You should always consult with your tax prepares. We use a CPA the is well worth the modest fee that we pay and is also a deduction. You save a fortune in taxes by incorporating even if your business only breaks even.
  4. Invest your profits back into expanding your business. You money is not safe in the market in any way shape or form. The so-called financial advisors are the only ones making money by making multiple losing gambles with your money. You have to learn to manage your own money and never trust anyone else to do it. Cash is no good in the bank either. Use it to carefully expand your company. It's OK to think big about your new business, but think small with your pocketbook. Jumping in with both feet can land you in financial quicksand. I prefer conservative business moves.
  5. Pay more attention to what is going on around you in the business world and economy. There are certain trends that will kill your business if you do not pay attention. Follow all the trends and statistics on the Internet. The information is priceless.
  6. Slowly build your little business so that as you get older there will be steady stream of income there waiting for you. If you get really lucky then your little business might turn into a big business and you can retire even sooner if that is what you really want. Always keep your overhead down and your guard up. Only hire people if you really need them as you are only going to hurt them more when you are forced to let them go when the money runs out.
  7. Be very careful about your new-found money. Money doesn't buy friends. It only buys you an entourage that disappears instantly when the money runs out. When you have a lot of money certain types of people will fall all over you. They come out from under rocks. Pay them no mind. If they weren't your friend before then they are not really your friend now. It's like when you win the lottery. The best thing that you can ever do is to get out-of-town where no one knows who you are! And last but not least is that I personally have seen over a thousand men take their new-found money and wine, woman, and song themselves right out of business. That story is as old as the Bible.
Well the above are just a few rules that have always worked for me. One of the best pieces of advice anyone can ever offer you is to talk to as many experienced and successful business people as possible and collect all the business knowledge that you can. I you have a really good idea you have to be very careful not to give it away. Keep it to yourself. I have heard many times that two of the countries richest young men got rich by stealing other people's ideas, or intellectual property.
If you learned something from this blog them please consider marketing one or several of out 100% made in the USA products and remember that we can drop ship anywhere in the world for you. We will also consider manufacturing any product that we feel is a viable product right here in the USA.
We currently manufacture in the USA:
A. Battery Chem
B. Green Low Cost HE and regular Laundry detergent Just add water kits and other Just add water cleaning products are coming soon.
C. Wide Window Sill pet and plant shelves cut to custom lengths.
D. Composting toilets.
E. Video Camera Steady Cam holders.
F. Low power inexpensive fuel cells for cell phone charging etc.
If you are interested in any of these businesses please contact

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Can Make A Fresh Start by Walt Barrett

There are millions of people in the world that could really use a fresh start in life and the question that keeps nagging at my brain is what are they waiting for? I have been selling things and running companies successfully for sixty years. I have seen a great many other people who either succeeded of failed and I have heard a million excuses from people who failed in small business ventures. So you failed, so what, try harder next time. I can't remember how many ideas that I tried and failed at. So what, I failed, that did not ever stop me. I have always told myself to never give up and to never stop trying. That is my motto and it should be yours too. After several disasters I programed it into my brain. I have never been ashamed to admit that I failed, but I would really be ashamed to admit I was a person who never really tried and took the easy way out by making excuses and blaming everyone else for my problems. I hear a lot of that these days. I hear people say “I wish I had bought that franchise, stock, or business five years ago.” “I'd be worth a fortune now.” Well it's never too late for the next big thing now is it?
Instead they sit home all day, watch TV and drink beer. That is what I am seeing. I'll tell you what really frustrates me is the fact that I started a really successful proven business over twenty-five years ago that I am trying to expand and in spite of the fact that we are offering a totally free training program and no investment required we are not growing as quickly as we could be. I am beginning to wonder if people really want to work! Don't get me wrong, we are way in the black financially and we are expanding all over the world, but the lack of a heavier response, especially in the USA is absolutely maddening considering the unemployment rate. We do not require a college education or a great deal of cash investment. We basically need people who can do an average days work, can read instructions, and can learn what to do by watching free training videos on the Internet. We even have a free marketing program. We are offering you the full benefit of all of our business knowledge.
Our business is simple. We add chemicals to batteries that save them from a premature death. We are dead and dying battery recyclers and you don't have to be young Thomas Edison to do this work. You can set your own income with us. For instance if you recondition forklift batteries you can earn up to $5,000.00 a week if you are a worker and follow our free marketing plan. So if you really want to get ahead you should visit my web site and read every scrap of free information and watch every single video as many times as it takes. If you really want to make money, just do it.
If you are out of work anyway, what have you got to lose? We don't want your money, just read our website. We sell battery chemicals, not businesses. Businesses are free. We are a Green Business. The world is full of customers for our services.  We also offer Several other basic business start up kits now including a Green Detergent laundry soap kit business, a budget video steady cam kit, And a fits all sizes window shelf kit for plants or cats. And a Green Dish washing soap powder kit.  We also can offer manufacturing kits and expertise for many other products .  Just contact us at